P4Warehouse REST API


All REST API calls and queries require system API key. To obtain the key, navigate to Setup > System > User as shown below.

From the list of available users, click on the 'system' user.

In the user detail page, click the drop down icon to access API key for your tenant.

If this is for a 3PL client, be sure the API is for a user that is specifically assigned to the 3PL client.

Endpoints and Requests

API endpoints are organized by resource type. Use different endpoints depending on your API call requirements.

Here are couple example of API endpoints used throughout the P4W system.

'CreateOrUpdate' and 'DeleteBatch' follow this pattern:



Replace {Resource} with Product, Client, Vendor, PickTicket, PurchaseOrder, etc.

Replace {tenant_name} with your tenant's domain.


For querying database, P4W uses OData protocol.


Replace {tenant_name} with your tenant's domain.

All requests produce HTTP response status code.

Four Wall Report

FourWallReport endpoint provides a simple way to retrieve full inventory list including individual products quantities.


Replace {tenant_name} with your tenant's domain.


'Execute' endpoint is used in conjunction with Audit reports.


API calls containing payload utilize JSON format across the board.

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